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Jolie Française, Mylène Fontaine
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A 100% French brand, Jolie Française is the image of its creator, sparkling and sincere! A former stewardess trained in cosmetic chemistry, Mylène Fontaine has designed a range of skin care products with carefully chosen and perfectly dosed active ingredients for a quick and refined beauty makeover.

How does one go from onboard service to cosmetics?

Stewardess and cosmetics designer are two very different professions, but the first is a nice introduction to the second! Life on board involves staggered schedules, often short nights and dehydrates the skin. Lips and the fragile epidermis around the eyes are particularly damaged and the stewardesses become by necessity real experts in cosmetics. But it was a relative's illness that propelled me into the world of cosmetic chemistry. After a long hospitalization, he was suffering from a large and unsightly scar and I looked for the creams that could help to reduce it. From research to encounters, I discovered an exciting world and obtained wonderful results by applying a cream made from snail slime, developed with the help of a scientific team. It was this experience that convinced me to share my discoveries. Jolie Française was born.

Jolie Française is a particularly demanding brand in terms of the quality and dosage of its active ingredients. How do you work?

Jolie Française does not compromise on the quality and effectiveness of its treatments. Each one is the result of a long research carried out in partnership with a team of specialized researchers. During my first research in cosmetic chemistry, I experienced the fundamental importance of the quality of the origin of the active ingredients, their choice according to the expected effects on the targeted areas and their dosage. It is necessary to find the perfect dosage that ensures optimal effectiveness. Neither too much nor too little, the skin is a marvel of balance and if cosmetics cannot erase the effects of time, it can effectively slow them down by respecting the skin's natural mechanisms. One of our best-sellers, the anti-wrinkle care, LE SERUM HYALURONIQUE, has an ultra-concentrated dosage of 3.3% (the highest on the market!) of hyaluronic acid. Thanks to an exceptional molecular fractionation technique, LE SERUM HYALURONIQUE acts deeply on all layers of the epidermis. The skin is moisturized and its natural production of collagen and elastin is re-launched, and the miracle happens: wrinkles and fine lines fade and the skin is smoothed and radiates with a recreated youthfulness.

Snail slime, the star of cosmetic care, is also an active ingredient that you particularly highlight. Can you present us your range?

Our range, deliberately reduced for the sake of clarity and ease of use, includes three treatments rich in snail mucus. Harvested in France and selected for its quality, it contains many active ingredients with wonderful repairing and regenerating properties. LA GELEE DIVINE, designed for the delicate skin around the eyes, contains 90% of it. DIVINE CREAM, day and night care, compensates for the effects of time by restoring the skin's natural mechanisms. Ideal for daily care, it is also an ideal ally in intensive treatment during periods of epidermal stress such as the changing seasons. Finally, LE GOMMAGE adds to the benefits of CREME DIVINE those of a mechanical exfoliation thanks to an olive stone powder. Cell renewal reactivated by the effects of glycolic acid is boosted by the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Skin texture is durably improved. The complexion remains fresh and toned in all circumstances. All our treatments are 100% natural, cruelty free and free of substances harmful to health and the environment (paraben, fragrance, gluten, sulphate free). At the request of our customers, we have designed with the same requirement, a range for the body: it comes out in mid-November!

Jolie Francaise body care products have recently become available on board Air France flights. A pretty wink of fate!

For the past few weeks, Jolie Française has been available on Air France and La Compagnie flights thanks to a partnership with SKYdeals. This is both a recognition for the quality of our care and an encouragement to the "Flight Attendant against Cancer" association that Jolie Française has always supported and which does a remarkable job.

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