Our commitments


Animal protection is a top priority for us. It is therefore out of the question for our manufacturing processes to include animal testing. Our care is 100% cruelty free.

We are very active in animal protection and have participated in the rescue and adoption of several cats from different associations.



We are often asked whether snails suffer when their mucus is extracted. No! Of course they don't!

Our French snail farmers have developed a unique and world-renowned process, patented by ECOCERT.

They use a mucus harvesting process that is based on precise manual know-how. They proscribe the suffering of the snail.

Our snail farmers harvest the mucus at the most opportune moment for the animal, that is to say, when it is the least disturbed of its natural occupations. Their years of experience have shown them that it is only under these conditions that the animal gives the best of its benefits.

It is scientifically recognized that manual harvesting, even vegetable harvesting, is far better than mechanical harvesting.

Any other way of proceeding would be unbearable for us and contrary to our values!


All Jolie Française treatments are 100% made in the south of France near Nice.

It is a will on our part and a guarantee of quality and traceability.

They come from our French laboratory and the active ingredients are harvested in France, just as our snails are raised in France.

We work with partners hand-picked for their know-how: researchers, chemists, snail farmers, graphic designers, bottle makers, printers, etc...

We are proud to promote our French know-how and we favour short circuits and small productions to offer fresh and innovative products, directly from our laboratory.


All Jolie Française skin care products are fragrance-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free and dermatologically approved.

We work with exceptional researchers, sensitive to animal suffering and respectful of the environment.

Our mission is to create cosmetic care products that are effective, pleasant and natural at the same time. All our formulas are developed by our laboratory in the south of France. It is the result of a long research work, both on ingredients, texture and quality.

Our philosophy is one of rigour and transparency.