Press article - Flight attendants against cancer

Jolie Française, patron and committed

Mylène Fontaine, a young entrepreneur from her company "Jolie Française" participated with us throughout last week in the forum of associations held and organized within the Air France company every year. As a former cabin crew member herself, she was able to make contact and exchange ideas with our volunteers and supporters on this occasion. She was also able to see the importance of the work of our association and the actions carried out in favour of our struggles.

Her commitment and her willingness to help us in our partnership are obvious, so Mylène Fontaine through her company "Jolie Française" offers us a donation of 1 000 € as a percentage of her sales, direct and by internet, we thank her very much.

You can read our first article presenting the brand here. A 10% discount code is offered to you for the sales: HBJF10 on the site

"On behalf of the Association of Flight Attendants Against Cancer, and in my capacity as president..,

Thank you for your trust." (Jean-Claude C.)

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